Forgive Me (For Being Such an Ass)

I really want to make things right
Right the wrongs I have made
Babe, you’re a good girl and I’d no right
After all I put you through you still stuck
Around and stayed by my side, what really
Hurt is I broke your heart and let you
Walk outta my life.

Babe you took all the bullshit and you had no right
Forgive me (for being such an ass), I’ll make it right
Sorry for the things that you been through,
You had the right to get up and run and I chasing you;
I don’t want you gone any long; don’t want to be alone,
I just want you to come home, so stop running girl and
Call my phone, baby girl I didn't want you out

Forgive me; I want me and you to work it out.


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