Kill Me

This life don't last forever, mine’s come to end
So tell me what you're waiting for, let go of me
I’m better off being gone, let go of me
Than being miserable alone, in this bed
Cause I've been there before
And you've seen me before
Life will never be the same again,
And I will never see the sunlight
So, just let go of me, babe; I know it’d be alright
Things will get better if you just let go of me
Nothing would happen wit’ you if you don’t let go of  me.

The nights are getting darker, the clouds are coming
and there's no peace inside, I know I must go
so why make our lives harder (let go of me)
by fighting death, day and night; it isn’t alright.

I can tell your pain, you don’ want to be lonely
You take my hand and don't let go, but I will never see the sunlight
Let go of me and go live your life, switch off the light
So I can make it alright, for you; let go of me. 


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