Edna’s Virginity

Edna’s first kiss at eleven later became her tryst
When the night came, she remembers this every night
As she lies with eyes wide shut reminiscing of her fiancé
The man who will marry her and break her virginity;

Edna lost her virginity when she was eleven, a treat
By her childhood friend a year her senior, that painful delight
Was an adventurous quest for her existence, and innocence –
She’s engaged to a Seventh Day Adventist, they’re in unity.

Edward smiles at her, his face beaming with happiness and joy
He’s found true love, he knows; because she smiles at him
A secret Mona Lisa smile, avoids his face as he leans to kiss her
And reassure her he loves her so, her hair slicked back like ravines.

Edna treasures her virginity yet aggrandizes her ploy,
She keeps Edward at bay when she senses his whim;
No sex before marriage, let’s wait till courting it’s over –

She tells him, she’s a virgin; for marriage she is ruffing.


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