Goodbye 2013

Goodbye 2013 you have ended
We've known each other since January
Together we've walked days and nights
Learned how to fight fears and take flights
Soared high and took sinking lows.
Goodbye 2013 is it's hard to say
when all the good times are fresh on my mind
now that December is here;
Festivities are everywhere
Soon nothing will be there.

Goodbye 2013 I will pray for you
I was the only one who worked day and night,
all you did was give me long days and short nights
too much work and little pay
wonder why I still stuck around.
Goodbye 2013 you have to go
when all the good times are fresh on my mind
now that December is here;
making merry everywhere
look around and you’ll see me there.

Goodbye 2013 you’ve to let go
You gave me winter and cold days 
And every time that I wanted warmth
You would always come around with summer
Give me dry spells and fallen leaves;
Goodbye 2013 time has come to go,
When all the good times are fresh on my mind,
Now that I’m making merry, love in the air
With the trees with lights everywhere
too much wine and too much song, wish you could be around. 

We had joy, we had fun we had grimes in the year
But the times that we had are now memories in the past.
We had highs, we had lows, and we had fights in the year
but the times like all memories are in the past.
We made love, we made peace and had fall outs
but going back in time we’ve run out of time.
We had good times and we had bad times
but the time to say goodbye 2013 has come.  


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