I Wanna Love You

I hear you whining, crying, and groping on that hope
You hoping I look at you like you already know I wanna love you.

Honey you love my hair, I more feel as you run your fingers through
Don’t leer, it’s clear, baby I say come, ya’ arms around me throw
Take a moment with me, what the hug gonna do, baby stick to me
I stick to chest and yours is right, wrap them arms around, hold tight
It feels right, I want to be in here, and together we can be all right.

Boy, I can see you ain’t lonely, handful of belles, and they’re all for lease
So you looking at me now like I already wanna fuck you, another tease
Trying to get me up to your room, do what you know, that far I can see
Boy spent money like it don’t mean anything, throwing lolly like confetti;
You don’t know my degree – I don’t wanna fuck you, I wanna love you
Get stuck to you like glue, follow you wherever you go, be your half.

Moppin’ your house, you sleeping, snoring; reposing in the rumbled bed –
Man’s liberties – you the head, me the neck; it’s cool we live, happily wed
You sit, rubbing your back; I jumpin’ around, titties bouncing, you smiling
And grinin’ and looking at me like you already know I wanna fuck you;

Boy, I'm ready to give it to you in the kitchen, right up on the patio
Not the like the types you like to lease, give you everything, and tease
‘Cause I'm loving the way you look at me, lustin’, got me blushin’ face

I’m not one easy to get to but I got a thing for you; and I wanna love you.


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