Night Life

I’m a dealer. I move methylamines at night,
Spend money like it’s nothing, girls are mine
I pick them, they stick to me, get nude wit’ them
Get stuck on them all night, feels all right
Riding them ‘oles with them doors wide shut
Drinkin’ beer, and whiskey, gets shot of the night.


Dude I can see she is a god, handful of worshipers
See them looking at her, just another tease
Stackin’ bucks on her in the butt as she striptease;
I sitting back in the VIP lounge, smoking Shisha
I got a clear view, of her body moving, titties bouncing
Man, she looking at me; humping and jumping;
She’s my ex-girl; she gets me tippin’ my glass

Booty in my face, I loving the way she shakes her ass.


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