Love and Laugh

So amazing is love
I wonder if anyone’d know love and not laugh,
The feeling debilitates even the strongest
You fall in love and you’re not the sanest;
The feeling is a part of me till this day,
Even if love’s gone, it’s there to stay.

Love’ll put a smile on your face
and take you to that unknown place

You’ll be Queen and live in his palace;
Oh, swim in love and you laugh.

I watched the sun set in the evening
I wish to paint a thousand sunsets,
Felt encircled by the arms of love
Just a thought of love is what life would be;
Love may hurt and be constant pain
O, love and laugh, I’m there to stay with love
Even if love lie and call me babe, I love and laugh.

Tender lips that's so sweet when she kisses
Gentle words she softly speaks, and pleases
Such an angel when we need, in deed
GOD bless the world love walks;

He can take you on a high, and fly
Be your comfort when frail, and cry
But if you look into his eyes, and sigh
You'll see love and laugh.


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