Sometimes (You’re Complicated)

Sometimes I love you more than I can stand
Sometimes it’s you I don’t understand,
Sometimes I hate you’re so aloof and distant;
'Cause every time I try to make a conversation
You say things like you don't want me there
Then I say I can be through with you,
Take my heart from you, then it comes from nowhere
From the air, and I want you there
I come running back, iron out things
Have nirvana, then you are again aloof and distant.

Sometimes I wonder why everything with you is so complicated,
Why do you want to make it hard for me to love you?
Oh I hate it so, ‘cause if you’re so aloof and distant
I throw my hands up, take my time from you;
Every time I try to make conversation you’re like you don’t want me there.

Sometimes we’re fine it feels like heaven,
Sometimes you get away you hide in your haven;
Many times I give you all of me, all my trivia
Sometimes you don’t give all of you, all your fears
Those times I'm like where are you on the page.

Sometimes I feel like we will never be together forever
But sometimes you make it hard for me to love you

Sometimes everything with you is so complicated.


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