In the silence of the night where hearts are filled with delight 
The bliss of your sweet caress leads me to comfort and distress
Up in the hill i would scream
Among the crops i found the cream
In the midst of the sand, you're the pearl
If only that i am your girl

Yet this scene has gone in vain
Coz your love has vanished in the rain

Boy, you drive me so crazy
Heart speaks no one else but you
Yet this heart is in the blue
Coz even a fairy's touch i can't be with you

Boy, you drive me so crazy
Illusions are fading in the dim
I hate to end the delight of my whim
Coz everything in this song is just a dream

Sitting in the corners of my room
Where i found myself alone
And if these corners have ears
They might be deaf with my tears
The lips speak no words
How pain hit like a sword
Even how far my sight can go
Your shadow is as vague as snow

I'm still here waiting with certainty for the moment to see you beside me finally
And this song will turn into reality..


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