Sex World: Living The Gnostic Lifestyle

We live in a world where sex has become the New World order; right from home, the basic societal unit, to global bedroom.

Well, without sex the human race will be extinct, but sex has been overdone. Why?
Fathers love the paedophile title and mothers think suckling their baby boys it’s sexually arousing. Right after birth the boy child is taught to worship Oedipus and his sister Electrifies the father with her lithe body.

When we are little and are taken to the church just like the boy Jesus was taken to the temple, the church’s doors are sealed shut, we are baptized in semen and sacraments and sex become one. Off with the clothes, lingerie and bras rock guys.

Gospels perverted, brothers and sisters engage in oral sex because it is not sex, and buggery is not loss of virginity. Priest and nun become one when the choirboys go for the communion and wine.

Growing up in morals taught by a church rather falling into the dark abyss of oblivion, girls are taught to tear their clothes off for the man, twerk and shake booty. Lesbianism is the way to go, all men live in Sodom, while the hostile souls that chain themselves together in marriage spousal swapping/swinging is massively accepted.

Community Britta Lesbian (Photo credits: Giphy)

That notwithstanding, pornography is a trillion-dollar industry. Isn’t that enough? No, if you think it is you are wrong.

Sex is the way to go, even dogs, cats, horses and cows (donkeys and chicken in Africa) are porn-stars.
Sex in a coffin or on the holy altar, live at the stadium watching football or in the perfumed garden of theAnanga Ranga, with the old and the new-borns, sex and man have become one; an immix of religion makes it divine, man and his God one.


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