Sunsets Alone

I never took the time to be with her, I was up and about
Doing what I was supposed to do, bread-wine for the family;
She was around with other men, riding in their cars,
Adoring her toy boys, and yet I knew we were a piece –
Now she’s not here with me, everything’s not the same.

I watch the sunsets alone, with all these empty rooms
Single again, in my sunset, with no family to hope in.

She was there, with her lawyer lover, finalized the deal
It seems so unreal, what I have is the shame.
This is not what I worked to be, a man in sunset alone
I look back light years ago and can't believe that she left me
With the kids and all the money.

There’s no one can understand my pain, I can’t explain

Man don’t know what I did wrong, can’t believe my life’s gone.


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