Church Heathen

I joined the convent, to live in holy covens
Secular worlds left behind, clouds parted
Locked up in cloister, home I had chosen.

Novitiate started, religion indoctrinated
Prayerful converted, gospel perverted
Morals deviated, and breaks started.

Priests worshiped at my feet, apostasy laid bare complete
Art of seduction seemed fit, vicar and devil laced with LSD
Wine on altar turned aphrodisiac, sin clear to see.

Taught me philosophy of love, me and them were one
Said sex is divine, took their sweet time to define
Union between God and man, sex and religion are one.

There’s no problem for us, priest and nun
Got rid of our religious raiment, got oral as one
Buggery ain’t sex, blowjob ain’t masturbation.

Union between us was pre-ordained, all acts holy
Off with clothing, bras and albs; sit up, sister, don’t be shy
Take the ride of all time, orgasm is holy absolution.

Squirt is holy waters of baptism, semen the holy oils
An atonement with God, sex and religion are one
So are religious, the chosen, said the priests.

And I saw priest drunk with squirt, I with semen
Persisted in our games, of church heathen
Sex and religion are one, so are the chosen.

Forty years is a long time
Forty lines can’t pen it down
Forty days now I’m free
Forty days ago I left the conven’
Forty years in church heathen –
forty years willing it to stop,
forty years with the few chosen,
forty days I’m gonna pray,

forty days of reparation.


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