Monday, 24 March 2014

When love comes
I feel vigour in my body, strength in my soul,
A passion in my person, besieging me,
Tearing down the walls I’ve built for myself.

There is a knock on the door,
Love calling, love beseeching;
Pain’s like a hound, lurking.

It is not loving that scares me,
But to love and not be loved;
Honey sweetens another’s tea.

In the morning love walked out
Screaming. The aura clothed in the raiment of a thief in the night.
I did not see that coming.

I cried a river, love’s river,
I knew, we knew: we weren’t meant to be
And Cupid is not to blame.
It was an arrow that struck her,

Rival cupid’s arrow had changed her love for me.


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