Don’t Forget, Forgive Me

A dark cloud looms over where love once thrived
Shadowed by hopelessness and doom;

In your heart I no longer have a room
No effort, nor words, can say how sorry I am
Unspoken and unlettered is my regret,
I hope you will hear my silent voice calling unto you
To take me back into your arms, thy heart forgive me
For the things I did, and said
For my hand rising against you:

I’m sorry for whatever happened
For the embarrassment I dealt you.

Rage consumed me like wild fire
I couldn’t stand losing everything I held dear –
You and Shane –

If you could see my inside that day...
If I had any goodness I lost it that day.
I raised my rage on you, turned on you
Now I don’t know what to expect of us, what has become us
What dungeon I am in your bleeding heart.

I don’t ask you forget, but, I’M SORRY, BABE. FORGIVE ME.


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