Get Out

I didn't think it’d end like this,
what I did wasn't right
Can't get it off my mind,
I wish for the ground to swallow me alive
I need to get away, before I end up slaying myself:

What started out as a harmless argument
Turned into a full blown altercation
Me just losing it to hit her;
I could have injured her, or killed her
In front of a big ol' crowd, and I didn’t think it through.

‘Get out!’
That’s what she told me, and
I felt she’s taking me for a fool
and I lost my cool;

I didn't mean to hit her, but it's too late to turn back now
Don't know what I was thinking;
Now she’s not talking to me
I’m about to slay myself.

I’m tired of your lies, so sick of your tricks
Get out!
I’m better off without you, go to your sluts,
and never come back no more
Get out!
That’s what she told me, now am about to lose my mind.

I never thought it’d come to this,
Never thought I could hurt her
Whatever happened to me, whatever made me do it
Why did I not just go, just walk away and come back later
When we’d cooled down…

Cause now I lost her, and our son
Oh, what I’m I gonna do without her
Get Out! She told me
I wanna slay myself, bail out none a them to see me ever.


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