Leisah come, please don’t go
But that’s how you want it, take it all;

I always knew there was trouble
From the first time you gave me a cold shoulder
Kept to yourself –
Why didn’t talk me?

I asked you to talk to me
You said you were fine,
To lie to me all was fine;
Communication is all I asked
'Cause what you didn’t understand is
I wanted to be your best friend
Share all your joys and fears with you
Know you inside and out
Talk about everything in the world
Share all your pain
And live not to strain:

Yes, I wanted to talk to you babe
But you didn’t want to do the same,
Why, why, why?

“Go, go, go to your slut
And tell her I said ‘Hi’”
You told me when you were mad,
You'll take it back if you can
But you won’t…

My soul is on fire
Don’t watch me burn down in flames

But you will…


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