Next Year, I’ll be home for Valentine’s

Every year, every February
I want to send you flowers,
have candlelit dinner with you;
But, every which way I turn
Too much work and little time
Lurks behind like a hyena, laughing (I lied, again).

Lovers from all walks
Sending, and receiving
Cloying bouquets
‘I love you’ cacophonies in the corridors, and offices
Wearing red
Clutching velvet gift boxes:

While I eat my lonely dinner
With memories of you, wishing I were there;
Cursing the distance and absences
I seem to embellish.

The nights and mornings and scents
Of post-Valentine’s Armageddon
They are like a bad flu
I awake pondering why
Love demands I love you this day.

I’ve made up my mind
There’ll be no more excuses, or reasons
To be away, I might even quit if I have to
This time, come next year

I’ll be home for Valentine’s.


  1. Despite the heartache you put me through

    I forgive you

    Despite the pain and anger I've had

    I wish you were near

    Despite the tears that fell from my eyes

    I will always love you

    You are my love and nothing can change that.


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