Love Cries

The day Thea died you swam in a river of crocodiles
Mourned her with the masses who stood by you
And told the world how much you loved her.

In the dark of the night Thea visits you,
You plead with her to let you go, you are sorry.

On her obsequies you eulogised her with the love you professed for her
That day you didn’t sleep, the memories battered you to maim
The pain of her loving you hit you like a tornado
It was only you and her ghost who knew the truth – she died because of you.

Worms had barely started feasting on Thea
When you buried your grieve in the thighs of another woman
whom you swung your arms on, history repeating itself
until she stumbled on Thea’s note and she joined her.

You met the alpha one armed with the law of the land and was your match
20 years in prison has now birthed you again,
you profess metanoia
You ponder why you never heard those love cries all along

you wouldn’t be hoping for amnesty never coming.


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