Demystifying Poetry: Entertainment Sans Frontiers Lecture

Location:     Nakuru, Kenya
Venue:          Tumaini Jitegemea High School
Date:              12 July, 2014
Time:            11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.


Poetry is difficult - fiction.
Poetry is esoteric - myth.
Poetry should be avoided - false.

I will be giving a lecture to demystify poetry on Saturday next week. My poems are for entertainment, avant-garde poems at that. 

To many people, the word ‘poetry’ is a word synonymous with difficult words, esoteric language and knowledge and apprehension. Most of those who dread of poetry are students who hold poetry in awe, wonder and mystery. They feel it is abstract, twisted and can’t be understood thus they avoid it.

That shouldn’t be so. Poetry surrounds us in every aspect of our lives in form of music. We all listen to and enjoy music, from romantic blues and soul music to hip hop and other music syncopated with street beats.

Simply, music is poetry. Songs express feelings, human feelings. This expression of feelings is spontaneous, coming from within on impulse, like spilling out of a liquid from a vessel that is overflowing.

From Saturday 12 July, 2014 students of Tumaini Jitegemea High School in Nakuru will no longer be apprehensive of poetry, will no longer avoid it in exams. 

Tumaini Jitegemea Schools belong to PCEA Tumaini Mission Centre, one among beneficiaries of Jeff Beech Foundation.


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