Facebook Story of Love

Once upon a time, in a land a click far away
And ruled by a nerdy king, Zuckerberg;
There lived a beautiful princess, Lizina
In the small virtual village of Veils Brook.
The whole village had her pictures everywhere:
She was lovely, beautiful and kind.

One winter’s dawn, a lonely soldier, Cupid, came along
Armed with bows and arrows in the age of weapons of mass destruction;
Smitten by the Princess’ beauty, he drooled over her pictures
Liked them, and even offered unsolicited opinions of them
And shared them with his friends –
In the dark of the night
He doodled graffiti on walls of houses how much he loved the Princess,
Yet never had the courage to tell her so.
Then one day she sent her maids summoning him to the palace,
He accepted. They took him to her chambers.

“Soldier,” the Princess said from behind curtains, “I’ve heard so much about you.
I appreciate your love for me, but
All men in this village are brothers. You are my brother.”

“My Princess,” replied Cupid, eager to see the beautiful Princess,
“You can’t help whom you fall in love with, even if sister you are.”

“That would be all, Soldier, incest is a sin,” replied the Princess.

“Brother I am. So be it, Princess,” said Cupid, and walked away.

The princess believed herself Medusa, not lovable.
The words of Cupid still ring.
Cupid is still away, in the war.
Years have passed, in despair, all hope gone.

For who could ever love his sister, the way men do?


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