Days of Our Times…

On Facebook and Twitter boys and girls poke and fall down the cliff
They meet behind closed doors cyber-sexing at witch hours
And when they go out girls tear their clothes off for MTV
Twerk their asses off for dollar bills,
shaking their booties in the faces of old geezers who no longer love their    wives.
Boys show off their six-packed, well-toned bodies
And have group sex live on YouTube, intoxicated with their girls’ drug-extracted squirt.

Blondes give birth to hybrids – children of ambiguous ethnicities
Who, at the age of six are ever high on ecstasy, teeth eroded by meth;
At the age of 16, are vegetables rotting in some rehab, or worse –

Serial killers
Drug lords
Arms dealers
Crime czars

And hired guns for the guerrilla government of the day.


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