Divine Love:

Poem 1

Young and frail, a child of naivety
I found myself at crossroads, confused   
Hurting like hell, as it should at twenty.
Oh, now I say it; so hard it was then   
To acknowledge I had trusted too much   
Believed in a faith many doubted.
So hurting was it, that first love
But the times were good, which there I got 
My first kiss I still talk of today.

I cannot tell how in love I fell, 
So blinded were the eyes at the moment 
In which I deluded my heart, and saw the world.
But after Cupid’s poisoned arrow struck
Everything stopped to matter but love
And plunged deep into unknown pain.
You’re send from above, I told love
To a lonely heart like mine, to cherish
Where forever starts, and solitude ends.
Then were the songs I composed 
Sang in my heart’s quietude throughout the night,

Which I passed watching the stars and praying to the moon.


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