Divine Love: Poem 3

At first in motion set those emotions, feelings; 
So were to me hurt, betrayal and pain, 
So overwhelming, unbearable.
The days became bleak, and the night nightmarish; 
But not so much, as the heart bled, and soul wept 
A downpour of a dark soul and lightened heart.
He seemed as if devouring me was all he wanted   
With head uplifted, and with ravenous hunger, 
So that it seemed the air was blowing for him;
And I, with all my forbidden hungerings 
Seemed to be laden in my meagreness, 
As though my whole life I was forced to be forlorn!

He brought upon me so much heaviness, 
With the hurt that from his aspect came, 
That any hope I had of us together vanished.
And as he who betrayed my love gloried, 
In his accomplishment, another conquest
I wept in all my thoughts and was despondent,
That dark clouds loomed, and I saw the end
Which, coming on against me by degrees 

Thrust me back thither where the sun never shines.


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