Divine Love: Poem 4

©Ilisa Millermoon Intuitive Energy Artist  
While the spirit plummeted low, 
And my heart sank to the pit of my stomach, 
He moved on with his new-found love.
I beheld him in the soul sorrowful, 
“Come back, babe,” unto him I cried, 
“My heart pulsates for you, it dies with you away!”
His silence answered me: “Not a single day, 
Will I find myself treading battled grounds
Virgin lands were conquered, and ploughed.”

Why me? I asked me, is it my fate?   
And lived in solitude under the good Mira, 
During the time of pain and tearing eyes.
A poetess I became, rhymed of loss and hurt 
Sang dirges of a love that was killed by lust, 
After that divine crime where all feelings were lost.
You wonder why I wanted to give another chance; 
Why climb again the cold mountain?   

Which is the source and cause of every pain?


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