Divine Love: Poem 7

PHOTO: Vivianne Nantel Art Work.
To the heart, that, in love it wishes to fall, 
The pain shall be more than you can imagine; 
With thee at love’s departure you will be left;
Because the love you crave, that thou shall have, 
The one you are rebellious to every known law, 
Shall take you to the abandoned city of pity.
He gallivants the world he knows, and there he lives; 
Where there is his life and his lusty heart; 
He so carefree, happy, he meets his next kill.

And I to him: “Heartbreaker, I bid thee go, 
With elfin speed, away from my life, 
I moved the hell on, I live on and,
Never contact me, you willed it that way, 
Even when in me you see the portal of Cupid, 
You made me so disconsolate.”

Thence I moved on, and my torn but mend heart followed. 


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