Divine Love: Poem 8

Love departed, and the hollow left in the heart 
Released the emotions that were caged 
From the deepest trenches; and I the hurt one
Made myself ready to fight the war, 
Both of trudging on and likewise of the woe, 
Which memory that errs not shall forever keep.
O Cupid, O Amor, now hold my hand! 
O memory, which lettered down what I did, 
Here thy peace and guidance shall be needed!
And I prayed: “God, who guidest me, 
Remould my shredded heart,   
I bring it to you who fountained it to love.
You say, that of us frail humans, 
Love one another, it is the greatest 
Philia you might mean, eros it is though what we crave.”

But if the lust for my body is all they want   
Seeing body, and booty, thinking of the high effect 
That issue would from me, and when,
To me the lover of love unloved it seems; 
For he is of the great Las Vegas 
In the dubious plans of his choosing;
My heart, body and soul, wishing to speak the truth, 
Gives too much than it’s necessary, trusts love 

And unseats reason to let emotion rule with iron fist.


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