Divine Love: Poem 10

It is the will of my heart, and logic, 
I tell you why I still love, yet I hurt 
From the very first moment I knew.
Among the immix of emotions was hate, 
And a friend, lovely Mira consoled me
In such wisdom not for her age.
Her eyes silvered with mine;
And she told me I will be fine, 
With voice angelical, in her own tenderness:
“O frien’ dejected by love, 
Of whom pain batters to maim, 
And shall endure long, cold nights;
Forgive, don’t forget, set your sights
Upon healing the grieving heart 
That is reeling with ire.”

My heart pulsates and flutters, 
With courage after that needful release, 
And I have such peace.
Dejected I am; love, who bid thee go;
I am in sorrow, where I would fo’ever mourn; 
Love left me, which compelleth me to speak.
Then I am older, and wiser, 
Memories shall I have 
Of a life I wanted, and love denied me

When he left me in the cold.


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