Divine Love: Poem 11

“O Lady of Sorrows, thou alone through whom 

The love forsaken drainedth all happiness  
From the heart that of love is hopeless,
So unbearable unto me is thy punishment, 
To grieve, as if ‘twere already not done; 
For so many days and nights in succession.
But the pain tell me why thou dost not chase  
From me piercing mine heart like a sword, 
You know what I go through.”

I embarked on this journey to forgive without fain, 
Yet consumed by anger and pain I feign, 
All is gonna be OK and I move on.
Of those things only should one be afraid 
Which have the power of doing others harm; 
Sorrow tops the list, no matter what causes it.
Love in his frivolity and lust abandoned me 
And the misery of yours drains me out, 
Thus any memory worsens the mourning.

Dear me I’m all alone, and I grieve
At this impediment, to which I can’t move on, 
So that stern judgment there above is broken.
In my entreaty for warmth I besought Mira, 
And said, “O my best frien’ I am in need 
Of a place to bury my head and grieve my heart.

Sorrow pierces my heart like a sword.  


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