Divine Love: Immense Joy III

With eyes set upon forever 
Stood you before me, and I walked
Towards you, my fears from my heart removed,
While I inwardly knew 
You’re the one to stay 
And my heart you won’t slay.
To put what I felt in words 
Impossible were; the example, then, suffice 
You for whom my body opens to.
If I was merely infatuated 
Moved by hungering, this great time, 
I know, wouldn’t lift me to stand on your shoulders!

When now the move, which you did make gracefully 
Desiring me, and made me attentive to it 
Then in me a great fire was kindled 
By your touch’s flame, that neither rain nor river 
Ne’er made it so to douse.
The newness of the body and the great feeling
Aroused in me a longing for thy desire, 
Never before with such burning fire;
Whence you, who saw me as I saw myself, 
To start anew a new day for me, 
Opened thy mouth, ere I did mine to say,
“Beautiful, you be my light 
Brighter than the sun 
To light the dark path of my life –
Be my love.”
If of my former doubt I was unsure 
By these brief little words more smiled than spoken,
I in a new faith and hope was the more ensnared;
My eyes directed towards you with that look 
That said it all –

You are the one I’d been waiting for.


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