Divine Love: Immense Joy V

PHOTO: www.weheartit.com
O Stan, who after wonderful performance, 
Eager to listen, have been holding me tight
In your arms, our hearts beating in one rhythm,
Our bodies laced into one, damp with sweat; 
Do not let go of me, hold me to the break of the day,
In letting go even in sleep, I might be lost.
The feeling I have has never yet been felt; 
Cupid breathes, and drives his arrow straight through our hearts, 
And Mami Wata consorts with Cupid.
You who none outdo in every other way 
Belongs to the choir of Angels
One who liveth above and by divinity send,
Well may you plunge into the deep me 
Your vessel, keeping still my wake before you
 Upon the bed that bears our weight to the break of the day.

Those inglorious ones who my heart tore asunder 
Were not so wonderful as you are, 
When ten seconds were done and panting!
Against me turning, aloft in their conquest,  
Said unto me: “Limp the hell on 
We are done, nothing more binds us.”
It seemed to me a cloud encompassed us, 
Luminous, dense, consolidate and bright
 As adamant on which the sun was striking.
Into itself I saw the eternity I envisioned
But it never happened, the congress broke us
But when you came, I could conceive not 
How one dimension tolerates another, 
More desire was enkindled in me
That essence to behold, wherein is seen 

How destiny and our own hearts were united.


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