Divine Love: Immense Joy VII

Within the abode of love divine
Is untold tranquility, where peace thrives   
Loving and being loved.
We lie awake under the panoply of eyes above, 
In the night sky so diverse, 
Falling in love with the night.
Our hands together, dovetailed, 
And legs intertwined
Watch the stars and their glittering beauty.
Thus does the night breeze cool, 
Temperatures rising, from Celsius to Celsius; 
When on top you climb, and I gyrate beneath.
You look at me staring at you, how in the moonlight I gleam 
Radiating the light you need 
To move through the dark of the night,
And plant the kiss you’ve been dying to on my lips. 
The heavens, where the stars twinkle, 
Witness the unfolding shenanigans
My mouth opens, and locks with yours.

And even as the wind blows dust 
To disrupt this great moment the Milk Way is voyeur 
The gates of my body open,
So likewise does my labia unfurl, like a flower 
My hunger for you scattered among the stars;

Itself revolving on our union, body and soul laced.


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