Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Here is an official call to African poets to submit their poems for consideration in a coming anthology to be edited by Akwu Ene'jo Adeyi and Vincent de Paul.  The Anthology will be
published by New Craft Publishers and will be available for global distribution.

African poetry has been a washed with poems of lamentation, hopelessness and disillusionment. However, a new Africa is envisaged and a paradigm shift in the songs of African griots which projects the shape of things to come is imperative.
This anthology seeks to harvest poems from different African countries projecting new dawns and new paths for Africa, poems detached from colonial mentality, poems that look forward and not backwards.

Open to all African poets, defined as those who were born in Africa, or whose parents are Africans.

1. All poems must be in English.
2. A poet is not allowed to submit more than 5 poems.
3. Both short and lengthy poems are welcomed.
4. Previously published works are not allowed.

1. Submission should be sent in either the e-mail body or as an attachment.
2. Along with the poem(s), the following should also be sent: Name, Nationality, email address and a short biography.
3. All submission should be address to akwueneojo@yahoo.com
4. The email subject should read ‘African Moonsongs of New Dawn'
5. The deadline for all submission is the 31 September 2015


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