Divine Love: Immense Joy VIII

And as the starry night grows old, and cold
Thy precious seed in me quickens, 
Hurrying, as life in me stirs, it is combined.
The mingled virtue through the body trembles, 
Just as the calm through the archetypal orgasm.
From this I feel every drop of you coursing in me 
Invigorating with intensity, the core of my being: 
This is the day I conceive with our child,
And I’m happy to have not just a small piece of you in me.

The Sun, which erst from my life departed, 
Shines through the morning, 
Proving gods witnessed the Immaculate Conception.
I rouse myself up and look at you, serene in sleep
Happy to see the sun rise on your face
So beautiful, that I am tempted to hold you   
When thy eyes flutter open and fix on mine;
Such I see a thousand hues of love, 
And I get hornier, again
To that which kindled passion I climb on top
As soon as I become aware of it.
To enjoy the morning ride, thy eyes closed,
I look direct into the light of the rising Sun.   
Eyes still closed,
Marveling at the pleasure ‘twixt my glorious legs   

Thy wholeness fills my glorious hollowness.  


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