Divine Love: Immense Joy X

So I move from top to beneath you 
Through the night to the break of the day, 
As the Sun, that makes the way
For another day to know you more
To which to our merging we’re moving
It is clear to me how every time
In love is immense joy, although the ghost 
Of great sorrow lurks in the shadows.
But as it comes to pass, if thy touch is enough, 
And a kiss heightens the longing, 
I want to be in this euphoria, forever
E’en though I know pain is part of life
I shall ply the shuttle to the end.

A perfect life and happily thereafter   
Is mine, says the lil’ ol’ me, what we were   
Destined to be since the fire first consumed us,
That until death we may both watch and sleep 
Beside each other; our vow   
From each to derive pleasure,
To follow one another in life,
To flee, and in our nest shut ourselves, 

And pledge ourselves to the pathway of our privacy. 


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