Divine Love: Immense Joy XI

My body knows what afterward would happen.
This other splendour, which reveals 
Itself in different zones, and a fire is kindled 
With all the wood in the house
That no one’s gonna douse.

I remember a time a nun I was, eons long gone 
Garbed with the sacred wimple, church girl then
But when I showed little buds on my chest
And craved the kiss of life from my crush
Of the chaste veil I was divested;
Of serving at the altar I ceased,
Of Holy of Holies I saw no more, 
Of singing ‘Ave Maria, Ave Maria’ stopped
And auditioned for Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad.
My hungerings, and meagreness  
Consumed me, as it should at seventeen 
Turned me heretic whence I became the god of desire,
And wholly unto secularism reverted; 
But adventures of womanhood, 
That at first felt like heaven
Deeper plunge into the dungeon of love
Left me wounded, and broken

Until, you, stud Stan, came along. 


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