Well, I remember those time when we used to rock and roll it together.
We'd share a cup of coffee regardless of the weather.
I drank your charm like an appletiser,
I treated it as my appetizer,
Or should I say, my energiser?
I loved you with a love that took my whole breath away,
And you led me astray,
I mean, I lost my way!
Then you drew me closer and got me dancing to your beat
while you penetrated through my blood veins like warm heat.

I went blind without any good reason,
The intention of your love was to kill me like slow poison.
Boy, I thought you'd saved me from sinking like Noah's ark!
And boy, I remember our meetings in the dark!
And then suddenly you walked out of my life,
You said you found yourself a new future wife.
I couldn't stop crying,
I wished I was dying,
Yet death too far!
You played my heart like a caustic guitar.
With you I was obsessed
and by you I was possessed.
I just couldn't let you go,
But now I can no longer beg you to stay
finally I can let you go your way.

I just wanna let you know dear INNOLICHO,
I'm no longer CINDYLICHO!


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