Divine Love: Immense Joy XII

Photo: DeviantArt
Impelled immeasurably by my doubts, 
I held my heart in my hands and handed it over to you
My desire painted upon my face
And told you more fervent far than by articulate speech
That I wanted to be with you day and night
Hold you tight, all I needed was you.
Again in my life I awakened 
My soul seeming to return unto the stars, 
Where my love for you was scattered
The loving seraphim of the god of love standing guard
With the sub-celestial choirs led by Cupid. 
Your voice exorcised the spirits of the one who had come before you
And hurt me,
I don’t see you in the primal circle of love
Where you’d as well wake up and go;
We love at varying degrees
And I feel more or less the eternal breath.

My heart goes lady gaga 
Invoking Mami Wata and Rati
Their divine intervention, for all its worth   
Would keep us stuck together forever.
That as strong our love is
In the eyes of our admirers, is envy 

Of our being together, wishing they were like us. 


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