Divine Love | Immense Joy XIII

Photo | divineloveandlight.blogspot.com
I can still feel that your love is strong
To thoroughly stand the test of time, 
As thou desirest me, I will satisfy thee.
I have for certain put into mind 
That as strong as yours could never die, 
At thy arms I rest and peacefully lie
At this point I desire thee to remember 
That I feel the same for you   
And I can’t refrain from expressing it.

 O love of my life, in whose arms I am safe  
 And warms me so, more and more revives me,
Brings out the girl in me
As to suffice in rendering joy so immense; 
Doubt not when like a dervish it impels us
To dance, levitate
As I will to satisfy you 
For your lust for others seems tamed
That in your heart you see the light
That only seen enkindles always love;

And illuminates my soul for you to mate.


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