My Wife: The Return

PHOTO: Huffing Post
You remember My Wife, the one who denied me haki yetu?
She crawled back to my arms yester-night
And announced she had removed doa kwa ndoa yetu
By sending the mboch packing
Now I could get haki yetu
And fill the rift between her legs as we solved our rift
She had realized she was hurting our marriage;
She could save me if I declared bwanake ni mkombozi
Pastor mtaka kitu had prayed for her.

She hoisted bendera ya KANU full mast
And began singing ‘haki iwe ngao na mlinzi’
We could be happily thereafter in umoja na udungu
Pastor mtaka kitu had told her
I’ll no longer go to the United Nations Ambassador of Sexcapades to seek solace,
Or bury my head in the glorious thighs of malaya.

Yesterday my wife did not sleep dressed for church
She danced naked like King David for her lord the whole night
And I heard her weep
When in her I got deep

She did not even snore in sleep. 

Click Here for the story of my wife.


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