Call Out for Writer/Editors – Mystery Writers

Mystery Publishers is a Kenyan Indie publishing author-focused self-publishing Company devoted to publishing genre fiction with contemporary settings, storylines and characters; and snazzy, fast-paced stories about everyday life.
We are looking for Indie like-minded writers who love pop literature, who read genre fiction, who write such stories for entertainment.  We want to establish a Community of Mystery Writers who tell the most intriguing, most entertaining stories around sans frontiers.
The writers would offer to edit each other’s stories thus create a pool of writer-editors who support and help each other in getting their works out there, works that do not scream ‘self-published’ from a thousand miles.
Each writer will choose one of the following genres that Mystery Publishers and Mystery Books publishes to be editing:
  • Fiction (Novels – Romance, Crime, fantasy, etc)
  • Flash Fiction
  • Short Stories
  • Erotica
  • Poetry
Who are you?
  • An Indie Author who is passionate about reading and promoting the genre fiction reading and writing culture in Kenya, and Africa and the African Diaspora
  • A Writer from anywhere in Africa and the Diaspora
  • A Writer who is willing to tell stories merely for entertainment where no editorial boards sit to decide which work would be published
  • A Writer ready to support a fellow writer produce quality work by offering your review, critique, and guidance.
If you are interested in entertaining Kenyans and Africans with cliffhanger stories, in genre fiction that defies convention, and introducing trade books in African markets already saturated with school textbook, please send us a cover note with:
  • Your name and contact details.
  • A short bio about yourself and your writing journey, include a photo of yourself
  • What genre you write and you would like to edit.
What you get:
  • Your work will be read, reviewed, and critiqued before you publish.
  • Publishing of your work both in e-Book and in Print-on-Demand free of charge
  • Online marketing of your work
  • Interaction with other writers

This is not a job opportunity. Mystery Publishers seeks to get Indie Authors a publishing house that they can be affiliated with. We do not pay writers who join us for the above reason except under the publishing package one chooses though this may change with time.
Write to – or Click Here to fill the application form. 


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