Divine Love: Immense Joy XIV

PHOTO | divineloveand light.blogspot.com

When you gaze upon me with your eyes 
Full of the sparks of love, and so divine, 
You make me weak, and my heart to beat faster
But your touch tells me in your arms I belong
That in the throes of passion I flame for you strong
Beyond the measure that any human has ever burned, 
So that the desire of thine eyes I devour,
From the perfect sight of your nicely packed body
To the manhood entangled in thick curly hairs.

With light that through the eyes is seen
My body rises in arousal
Kindled are we, at thine own pleasure sate will;
I open my legs to that which I reveal, 
The gate to heaven
Which I’ve kept cleared
Thus in you enter and take me
To that part where the world is most alive.
And as an arrow that upon the spot
You strike before the long quiet comes
So I hold you tight to me as I convulse
And I say, “Lo, this is what shall increase our love.”
I feel an agonizing need of wanting more

As it is on my shaking body manifest.


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