Divine Love: Immense Joy XV

Photo: lifehack.org
As soon as the congress is over
I am pleased with your task
It inspires me, to sate our grumbling stomachs,
And to the kitchenette I languidly move
My body, to which you have exited, and excited
Lethargic, a sign that I just want to be in your arms
But the energy is needed for the next bout.

“It is yummy,” you say when I feed you
And lick my fingers,
Thou knowest how to caress my womanity
Down to the heart, in romantic ways
Shattering the walls I once built for myself,
Flattered I feel
And that’s enough to rejuvenate me, again
To unsteady my breathe, palpitate my heart
Upon which you seize the moment
To kiss the breadcrumbs from my lips
And sneak a hand beneath my naked butt,
Then, near unto the time when I arise for you
To substitute the delicacies with me
Do you stop and feed me back
And I return the favour to lick your fingers:
What it achieves from the neck unto the V-junction
Breathe held and bust heaving
And every valley of my body thin sweat fills
That your tongue dries amidst moans of ecstasy,

Is soar me more, and I no longer am hungry.


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