My Wife: Hasn’t Brought Sexy Back

When my wife crawled back to my arms last week
            because her pastor had said so
I thought she had brought sexy back
            but I realized it was just a moment she was weak
            it had been long since she felt anything else apart from her fingers
            inside her.

When my wife danced naked like King David for me
            and did not sleep dressed for church
I thought she had brought sexy back to our marriage
            and I almost vowed to never ever go to the United Nations Ambassadors
            of Sexcapades for solace.

My wife has not brought sexy back
            she still sleeps dressed like a nun, facing the wall clutching her rosary
            elbows me hard and starts a war
            and guards her secret garden like state secrets.

My wife yesterday came to bed and smiled
It was going to be a good night, I too smiled.
She fell onto her pillow, adjusting the holed stocking she puts on her head –
I hope I don’t scare her, I said to myself as I took her in the crook of my arm
            pictured her bouncing tits,
            imagined her weight, damp and open on top of me.
My wife brushed my hand off as my fingers unhooked her bra, pulled away
            and moved closer to the wall,
            my passion wore
            and I let her be.

My wife’s breathing evened out
Time when I wet my hand with saliva
            forgot I had a lover
And moved it between my legs.
She stirred, and almost roused
I guessed she could tell I was aroused
            but I was sure of the situation she was well appraised
To endure the rock of the mattress as I gave myself what she could not.

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