Of Apples and The Tree of Eden

Photo | lhessiando.wordpress.com
The negligee fell from her body
My eyes twinkled, lusty.
I marvelled at her beauty
And groped the perky apples;
Explored the Tree of Eden,
I wanted to make love to Helen –
Deeds are proof, not stupid syllables.

Hips gyrated, and legs opened – an invitation.
Twitching, I filled her orifice
Resistant like a rebel;
Pudenda stretched lackadaisically, slowly but surely
Then yielded, and snapped open and –
Voila – I was in, fully anchored.

I was sweating ghastly.
“I should have told you,” she said.
“So you’d take it easy on me…”

“Have I hurt you?”

“No,” she said. “You brutally broke my virginity

And now I’m like God.”


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