Divine Love: Immense Joy XVI

photo: crashonline.gr

Your phallus plunges like lightning ready to strike
And hits places inside me only Grafenberg knows,
You howl wildly
And I moan softly;
My eyes wide-shut weep, unclouded and affection pure,
And mouth contorts to a big O
My body trembles from the core
For this ever I’ll be your sacrifice on the altar of love to lay
I’m stripped of self-will and restraint
Your only crime to love me beyond explanation.
This secret world of ours
That only the two of us know
Whensoever the desires mount thither,
Is where true love thrives.
Herein doth passion heighten
Affection in us, that for evermore it cannot warp to any iniquity.

I will bear forth daughters, triplets, each one of them a queen, my semblance
So when I’m not there you see me in them,
And I will bear sons, all of them kings of my heart
So they will rule in my kingdom when you’re not there
Then we shall depart, old and beaten in years
Together as we are making love
So the world would know the love we had
The last of Romeo and Juliet’s chapter.


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