I'm a Lover

It breaks my heart
To spend the nights awake
Sleep is a shadow dancing far away
While stars and moon make love and twinkle,
Not the warmest way
But I try to get warm, I don’t always win

photo: huffingtonpost.com

'Cause I'm a lover
I live for love but love won’t see it
And I won't back down 'cause love’s forever
And I won't leave, I'm too old for chase
Memories remind me of just how far we've come
I’ve fallen out of love with the night.

And I say, hey love, I want to hold you
If you say no, just the way you want life to go
People work it out, oh yes they do
Come along for the ride, oh no, not tonight
Come along for the ride, make it better for us.


  1. Hmmm when you take away sex from love, love becomes stale. It's no more different from a platonic affair. Paraphrasing Chinua Achebe, I'll say thus that sex is the palm oil with which love is eaten.

    1. Somebody should read this and change. Thanks Nduka, if all lovers understood that?!


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