Can't Stop Loving You

I hope this letter finds you well
          and it’s not a bombshell.
When that morning I walked in to the rain
          and I didn’t look back to see the pain
          in your eyes for saying goodbye
I was trying not to cry.

I got your leaving understanding smile,
I hated myself for such aristocratic vile.
I could say that's not the way it should be.
If I stayed, we would have been unhappily ever after
Even the strongest of love closes its chapter
          when death knells.
I walked away but you didn’t know
          that I was crying.

I left, and I know no laughter
          you’d tell me to run away with you;
Mother tells me people like us don’t marry for love
Our economic tribes don't intermarry.

You’ll always be in my heart
I never wanted to say goodbye
Find it in your heart to forgive, forgive me
I could say someday, someway together we’ll be babe
But that would be lying;
Just know that
I can't stop loving you
I won't stop loving you
Why should I even try?


  1. Tastes, feels, sounds...the whole mix

  2. "If I stayed, we would have been unhappily ever after..."
    Good thing he walked away then, but again why wail over spilled milk?

    1. First, it was a she. Two, the spilled milk was not her fault, she was just saving him more heartache.


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