I'm Married

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You heard right, I settled down
I found a girl and I’m married now
Guess she gave me what you didn’t.
I’m married now
I hate you turning up out of the blue uninvited
I hate to see your face and be reminded
That it once gloried for men above my means,
I hate you calling me at night at ungodly hours
I hate to hear your voice and be reminded
That it once turned me down.

You know how times change
          only five years ago you were on top of the world
          you were high and above, famous
Worshipped for your silicon derriere and boobs and bleached face.


  1. Kikiki...why do I get the feeling this blog is cathartic for you? I'm married! Love that

    1. You guessed right, Ruj. Cathartic it is for me, but so is writing.

  2. Hmmmmm hope the ex isn't Adele by the way? Lol

    1. Adele? Hello, Hell-no!

      Thanks man for your reading.

  3. mariage is very hard, i know because i`m maried for almost 10 years, thats why i write articles like you write your poems, my last one is about how to make your mariage perfect https://kovla.com/blog/5-reasons-people-can-t-handle-marriage/ enjoy!

  4. Well, like they say, it is like a place besieged, those within want to get out and those without want to get in. I Liked your blog.


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