Jeez, Don’t I Love You

You fill my life with a sense of belonging,
You are the direction I take when I feel lost
And thinking of you strengthens the longing.
This distance makes it even stronger
Another day and I can’t take it any longer.
With you I have a home
The path I chose to walk with you

I need you but too bad, without you I won’t be fine right.


  1. With you I have a home...that's just so heart warming. Hope you get to be with her soon (smiles)

  2. Hehehehe (I got to her already). And I want it to be soul-warming.

  3. Well, love might be so ecstatic in poetry, but in reality it often isn't this poetic.

    1. Trust me, it is. You just have to know what buttons to push, both of you.


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