Divine Love: Immense Joy XVII

Short while does you Stanley stay out of me;
And I begin, touching you in places I know
Such that I would rekindle the fire:

Love Divine, which from itself doth spurn
‘Tis holy sin alone which doth disfranchise you,
and render you my bitch, so that to every of my whim you squirm.
You fill up where this holy transgression empties
with righteous pains for joyous delights.

Fix now your eyes deep into mine
To satisfy me, not having power to walk away
And show me the fire in your eyes from which all love radiates;
I will fulfill every desire of your heart
Wherefore I give the votive cry
Call your name in passionate throes.

I both honour you and Cupid,
O my Stan whom I see more handsome grow,
And are so full of love, to pleasure thee
After these eyes of mine themselves have looked into yours
Content and certain I only see love,
My voice, tinged with a great affection;
O how and how much shall I scream your name
With the joy that the archetypal orgasm brings
As soon as the squirt gushes forth from my fountain.


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